Engaged, earnest, and focused, Pixel navigates video games and electronics with masterful skills.

However, all of the hours that he has spent logged on have left him ill-prepared for the illogical and uncontrollable forces at play when he hangs with real people such as his friends.

The remote control that he carries in his holster can’t mute arguments or change the programming of friends. So Pixel must either retreat to his consistent world of bits and bytes or struggle through the messy moments of friendship.

Sometimes the only way that Pixel can communicate with other kids is through his love of technology, rambling on with dazzling data when a simple “yes” or “no” would do.

His ability and instinct to solve problems by using technology is valuable when the other LazyTown kids and Sportacus need to figure something out. However, Pixel nearly short circuits when faced with a simple question like: “What’s your favorite color?”

Pixel considers himself to be really good at sports and will proudly tell you he has won every soccer tournament in the world. On the computer, that is.