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Get SportsCandy

Sportacus has SportsCandy with every meal. He thinks it's a good idea to let kids choose what type of SportsCandy they want each day. Sportacus likes to make up themes such as Melon Mondays or Banana Sundays.

Sportacus uses SportsCandy to make smoothies or frozen juice cups. Why eat all of your SportsCandy when you can drink it as well?

Sportacus cuts up fruits and vegetables into bite size pieces or shapes and gives them fun names like Apple Boats, Orange Ships, or a Banana Face.

Sportacus also freezes his SportsCandy. It works for all sorts of SportsCandy and it can be so much more fun to eat a frozen grape. Sportacus even grows his own SportsCandy. For example, tomato plants are suitable for growing indoors when you don‘t have a garden.

Sportacus always remembers to wash his SportsCandy before eating it.